Looking For A Hockey Sponsorship?

Our applications are open for sponsorship for the 2023-24 season. We welcome applications from players and coaches from grassroots to International. Every year we get an influx of applications, this year we are limiting the number of sponsorships that we will award, so make sure to make your application stand out. If you want to attach a video or photograph to your application, feel free. Follow the guidelines on our sponsorship page to ensure that you have all the information in your application.

By joining team eighteen you will receive support with equipment, opportunities to be involved in product development and feedback, a chance to be featured in our photoshoots and be part of a brand that truly cares and is passionate about hockey.

We aim to respond within 7 working days to all sponsorship applications. Click the link below to get started!

I Want To Apply To Be An Eighteen Ambassador


April 10, 2023 — Joanne Royall
Tags: sponsorship

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