Eighteen was born where two sister’s love for the game began, in our home; number 18. The place where we grew up and experienced the game at an early age. The place where the passion; the obsession began...

Our devotion to the game has never dwindled, the spirit it encompasses, the many elements of pride, teamwork, camaraderie, blood, sweat, tears and euphoria are all integral to our brand.

Our mission is simple, to use our passion for the game to push field hockey into new arenas. Our high quality, stylish equipment earns you respect on the pitch, whilst our clothing and accessories offer a unique love of hockey which continues beyond.

Our journey has led us to want to give something back to support those who are new to the game... the next generation. We all know that feeling of getting ready to play, choosing your favourite stick, dreaming of scoring the winning drag flick. We want to inspire the next generation of young players, whether it be a skilful midfielder or a rock-steady defender. We believe that by giving back to grassroots hockey, we can make a difference.