Ambassadors Head To Head Top 3 Game Day tunes - Freya Vs Roisin

Welcome to our new feature for 2023. Our ambassadors have all shared their top 3 songs of their playlists for a game day. We kick the head to head off with Freya, Welsh U18 National player, a skilfull forward who plays her club hockey at Deeside against Roisin, a fiesty cool Goalkeeper who also plays at Deeside. Usually team mates and good friends on and off the pitch, they've put all that aside to go head to head with the best playlist for a Saturday gameday. You can down load their playlist here:

Want to vote for your favourite? Freya's gameday tunes or Roisin's? Head over to our Instagram story to cast your vote...

Look out for our new gameday head to head next Saturday morning with Erin Vs Maggie!

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