Meet The Ambassadors - Meet Harry

Welcome to the final installment in our Meet The Ambassador series. Each ambassador brings their own qualities to our team, many selflessly give up their time to give back to hockey, something that is close to our hearts; all get involved in helping us to develop new products with their feedback and ideas.

We thought it would be great for you to see behind the scenes and get to know them a little better. We've given each ambassador 15 quirky questions and asked them to pick their 5 favourite and entertain us with their answers...

Meet Harry. He's our youngest ambassador at just ten years old. We spotted Harry at a PerfX hockey camp, flicking the ball up and then volleying it into the top corner of the goal! Since then he's been an integral part of our hockey family, involved in our photoshoots and giving his feedback on designs for our junior range. He loves playing hockey with his friends and has really missed playing on the astro during the last lockdown. So here are Harry's answers to our quirky questions...

Name : Harry

Club : North Stafford HC

Stick : R50 I love this stick because when I hit the ball it feels soft but I can get lots of power in my hits. It doesn't vibrate when I hit the ball either.

If you won a million pounds... : If I won a million pounds I would buy an old car something like a Nissan Skyline and then pimp it to be like a Tokyo street racer. Then I would build a hockey pitch in my back garden with money I had left over.

If you could have one magical power what would it be? : I would love to be able to turn into a robot that could fly and have blasters that I could shoot everywhere.

I'd love to meet this person because... : I would love to meet Robert Lewandowski who plays for Bayern Munich, he's one of my football heroes.

What food do you dislike and why? : I hate celery because its cold and wet and stringy when you bite into it, yuk!

Guilty pleasure : I LOVE PIZZA! I love Domino's pizza the best, margherita with plenty of cheese followed by garlic pizza bread! I would have pizza for my tea every night, if my mum would let me!

Well there we have it, we've finished our series with our youngest ambassador, pizza loving Harry! We hope that you have enjoyed our Meet The Ambassador series and that you've got to see how we value our ambassadors and what they bring to our hockey family. Not all of our ambassadors wanted to be featured, we respect that. Here at eighteen our ambassadors are from a wide range of clubs and abilities; all are integral to our brand development, we support them as much as we can, they are part of our hockey family.

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April 05, 2021 — Joanne Royall

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