Meet The Ambassadors - Meet Keira

Welcome to the seventh installment in our Meet The Ambassador series. Each ambassador brings their own qualities to our team, many selflessly give up their time to give back to hockey, something that is close to our hearts; all get involved in helping us to develop new products with their feedback and ideas.

We thought it would be great for you to see behind the scenes and get to know them a little better. We've given each ambassador 15 quirky questions and asked them to pick their 5 favourite and entertain us with their answers...


Meet Keira. Shes a gutsy GK who commands her D and knows how to make the opposition forwards work hard. She's represented the Mercian Marauders in 2018, 2019 and had Covid-19 not put paid to the season last year, she would have had a hat trick of appearances for the U13 team in the Hockey Championships. When shes not on the pitch for the Maurauders she's representing her County at U15s and playing for her club. We caught up with Keira and found out more about her ...

Name : Keira

Club : Leek Hockey Club

Stick : R70 extreme low bow

My slogan for life... : It's not the size of a woman, but the size of her heart.

How would your friends describe you? : My friends describe me as hard working, confident, resilient, kind hearted and last but not least ... completely crazy!

Do you have a nickname, if so what is it and where did it come from? : I do have a nickname! My nickname is Kiwi ! It came from my swimming teacher Lewis; when I was younger he said my name was not Keira or KiKi, but Kiwi! During my first year playing in goal my team mates started to call me 'Pea' due to my helmet and smock being green, which prompted my Mum to tell everyone about my swimming nickname - thanks Mum! So now everyone calls me Kiwi!

Random fact about me : A random fact about me is that I broke my arm at the age of 3. Not just a little break but I broke it in 3 places by falling off a bed. It meant three hours of emergency surgery to pin my arm back together!

I’d love to meet this person because... : I would love to meet Rick Riordan because he is my favourite author. He wrote some of my favourite books ; The Percy Jackson series - Heros of Olympus and Magnus Chase.

A huge thanks to Kiwi... I mean Keira for her responses to our quirky questions! Clearly breaking her arm hasn't held her back at all! 

Next week ... Meet Caitlin.

March 22, 2021 — Joanne Royall

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