Meet The Ambassadors - Meet Caitlin

Meet The Ambassadors - Meet Caitlin

Meet Caitlin. We first got to know Caitlin when she applied to our ambassador program last year. Caitlin has a similar passion to us here at eighteen, she is passionate about bringing team sport opportunities to vulnerable children in society. When we saw her application we knew straightaway that she would be a fantastic ambassador and have great links with grassroots sports. Find out a little more about Caitlin and her answers to our quirky questions...
March 31, 2021 — Joanne Royall
Meet The Ambassadors - Meet Keira

Meet The Ambassadors - Meet Keira

Meet Keira. Shes a gutsy GK who commands her D and knows how to make the opposition forwards work hard. She's represented the Mercian Marauders in 2018, 2019 and had Covid-19 not put paid to the season last year, she would have had a hat trick of appearances for the U13 team in the Hockey Championships. When shes not on the pitch for the Maurauders she's representing her County at U15s and playing for her club. We caught up with Keira and found out more about her ...
March 22, 2021 — Joanne Royall
Meet The Ambassadors - Meet Charlotte

Meet The Ambassadors - Meet Charlotte

Welcome to the fifth installment in our Meet The Ambassador series. Each ambassador brings their own qualities to our team, many selflessly give up their time to give back to hockey, something that is close to our hearts.

We thought it would be great for you to see behind the scenes and get to know them a little better. We've given each ambassador 15 quirky questions and asked them to pick their 5 favourite and entertain us with their answers...

Meet Charlotte. She's a talented, formidable figure on the hockey pitch; commanding the D with force and gusto. When she's not making incredible saves and making forwards think twice, she's imparting her knowledge and skills on the next generation of budding GK's through her coaching skills. Charlotte joined the eighteen family this season and is an integral part of our team, we caught up with her during a break from her busy schedule.

Name: Charlotte

Club: Telford and Wrekin HC 1st Team and I also play in the England Mixed Hockey squad.

Stick: R95 - I find it stable, strong and reliable ... it also makes awesome stick saves!

Coaching: As well as playing, I'm also the head coach for Newport Men's Hockey Club, head coach for Staffordshire AC U14s and U15s girls, GK coach for SE Staffordshire DC and GK coach for PerfX Hockey. 

Do you have a nickname, if so where did it come from? : My Dad has always called me 'Spud', I know where it's from, but I can't say! I also get called 'Smell' from my best friend and I have NO idea where that came from!

My slogan for life: It's a long one! I have learned over the years that sacrifice can make your life better and that you shouldn't be constrained by the legacy of others, you can find your own path. You can't control everything. It's what you make of your situation that defines you. I've had to stick to this after some rough times and making some sacrifices to get where I now am has really paid off.

Friday night - Stay in or go out? : If it's a game day on the Saturday, I stay in. However, if it's not, then I like to go out for a meal. (Obviously pre Covid!).

Random fact: I was told when I was in school that I would fail all of my exams and that I wouldn't make it as a teacher...8 years on, 4 courses later; 2 first class degrees, an MA in education, PGCE and QTS in Secondary Physical Education I'm a PE teacher, form tutor and a DofE Manager! 

If you won a million pounds: I would - 

1. Donate to a couple of charities that are close to my heart, around £100,000

2. Donate to my school to provide DofE for some of our students, around £10,000

3. Set aside £250,000 as a savings pot

4. Give £50,000 to my Dad so that he could buy his dream car; an Ariel Atom 3.5!

5. Renew my racing licence, buy a brand new kart for myself and my Dad and cover the race entry for the year , around £150,000

6. Last but not least, I'd donate £150,000 to my hockey club to provide equipment for the junior section, and anything that's needed for the club.

So, that leaves me with £290,000 .... I'd buy a load of Adidas Ultraboost and other trainers!

If you were to go on 'Come Dine With Me', what would your menu be? : It would have to be:

Starter - Bruschetta, my favourite!

Main - Black garlic rump steak, with 15 hour roast potatoes, roast carrots and parsnips, green beans; served with a side salad.

Dessert - This is a tough one! Either banana cake with banana ice cream, or I'd do a massive chocolate fondue!

Well there we go. I think we all know Charlotte a little better now; she is one busy lady! So a huge thank you to Charlotte for taking the time out of her incredibly busy schedule to answer our quirky questions. 

Up next week...Meet Jack


March 08, 2021 — Joanne Royall
Meet The Ambassadors - Meet Oliver

Meet The Ambassadors - Meet Oliver

Meet Oliver...championing eighteenhockey in Scotland. Oliver is an enthusiastic hockey player and when he's not on the astro he's burning rubber on the amazing mountain bike trails up in Scotland. We caught up with him to find out more about his idol Dynamo and his slogan for life...


March 01, 2021 — Joanne Royall
Meet The Ambassadors - Meet Roisin

Meet The Ambassadors - Meet Roisin

Meet Roisin. We've watched Roisin grow into a fantastic young goalkeeper, initally an outfield player in the badgers; now a formidable GK who has played in the Futures Cup for the Mercian Marauders and experienced her first NAGs trials this year. She's 1st team keeper at North Staffs HC and lives and breathes life on the astro! Roisin is an integral part of our hockey family and you might even recognise her from our website! Here are her responses to our quirky questions...
Meet The Ambassadors - Reuben

Meet The Ambassadors - Reuben

Welcome to our first ever episode of Meet The Ambassadors. In this series we will give you an insight into our eighteen hockey family, our ambassadors not only champion our brand but get involved in photoshoots, feedback and help us with product development. Each ambassador brings their own qualities to our team, see behind the scenes and get to know them a little better... 

Meet Reuben. Budding film maker, superb hockey player and an all round Mr. Nice Guy. Check out our blog to find out more...

Meet The Ambassadors ... Coming Soon!

Meet The Ambassadors ... Coming Soon!

Our new series is coming soon. Meet the eighteen Ambassadors who promote our brand, get involved in our product design and feedback. This entertaining series sees the ambassadors give their thoughts on quirky questions, the clubs they play for and it might even inspire you to become one of our ambassadors of the future!
February 02, 2021 — Joanne Royall