Meet The Ambassadors - Meet Oliver

Welcome to the fourth installment in our Meet The Ambassador series. Each ambassador brings their own qualities to our team, many selflessly give up their time to give back to hockey, something that is close to our hearts.

We thought it would be great for you to see behind the scenes and get to know them a little better. We've given each ambassador 15 quirky questions and asked them to pick their 5 favourite and entertain us with their answers..

Meet Oliver...championing eighteenhockey in Scotland. Oliver is an enthusiastic hockey player and when he's not on the astro he's burning rubber on the amazing mountain bike trails up in Scotland. We caught up with him to find out more about his idol Dynamo and his slogan for life...

Name: Oliver

Hockey Club: Grove Menzieshill Hockey Club, Scotland.

Stick: I play with the R70 extreme low bow. I really like the balance and weight of it and I find it makes 3D skills and ariels easier.

What is your slogan for life? : My slogan would have to be 'Go hard or go home'.

If you could have one magical power, what would it be? : A magical power would be amazing! For me it would be the ability to teleport anywhere. It would be fantastic and would give you so much extra time instead of having to drive and travel to places, I also don't like aeroplanes, so it would solve that too!

What is your guilty pleasure? : My guilty pleasure is chocolate...

Who would you love to meet? : I would love to meet Dynamo the magician, he's amazing and I would hope that he would show me how to do a few magic tricks too!

What's your favourite film? : It's not really a film but my favourite series to watch is Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Random fact : When I'm not playing hockey, I like to ride my mountain bike in my spare time.

So, chocolate, mountain biking and a love of magic tricks, Oliver is an all round action guy! Another valued member of our hockey family who can't wait to get back out there onto the astro.


Next week - Meet Charlotte, GB mixed hockey GK ...

March 01, 2021 — Joanne Royall

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